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Fashion made

by hand by women honest for you.

Hand-knitted products. Great design. And helping some of the world's poorest women.
Hand-knitted products. Great design. And helping some of the world's poorest women.

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Short sleeve alpaca


Short sleeve cotton / alpaca

Recycled cotton



Slowfashion provides self-help

Beautiful needlework. Great materials. No waste.

  • Small scarf

    £ 24
  • Clutch

    £ 30

Together we create hope

Coffee Beanies are hand-knitted products with great quality and design. But we are much more than that. We are a ticket to a life of dignity for some of the world's poorest people.

Coffee Beanies works to create better conditions for coffee farmers in Burundi. That's why we've taught them to knit in Danish design. And with every product they knit, they lift themselves and their families into a self-reliant life.

Soevery time you buy a Coffee Beanies product, you make a difference. For our nature and for some of the world's poorest.

Together we create hope – one hat at a time

Hand-knitted by people for people

"It gives us more dignity that we don't have to ask our men for money to buy clothes and sanitary towels. Before, we had to ask permission."

Niyibimpa Judith58 years old, mother of nine and Coffee Beanies knitter

"We who are involved in the project can now send our children to school and buy school uniforms and school supplies for them."

Uwimpuhwe Celine38 years old, mother of three and Coffee Beanies knitter






Out of poverty

We've created a product that makes it easy for you to make a difference for women in Africa's poorest country. When a woman has knitted 4-6 hats a month, she doubles her monthly income. We ensure that 200 of the poorest people in the world can earn an income.

We work according to fair trade principles.


Our main focus is jobs for the poorest people in the world. As a natural extension of that, we also do everything we can to take care of the planet.

We use biodegradable merino and alpaca wool with recycled polyamide. Quality is in focus when we knit our products in beautiful Nordic design. All items are quality checked by hand before they are shipped to you. What is discarded is shredded.

No waste production

We are a slowfashion brand: higher quality, timeless handmade designs and no waste production through the made-to-order concept. The materials are carefully selected with an eye towards a CO2-neutral future. That's why we had our own Coffee Beanies blend made with an essential polyamide content of 18%, which in turn is recycled. It cost us more, but we are very happy with the green decision.