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What if I want to exchange?

Don't be ashamed of that! Shawls are hand-knitted and people are different, so there's always a chance that there's no match. 

If you want to make an exchange, just send us an email at You will then receive a mailing label so you don't have any costs or hassle. 

The importance

Coffee Beanies knitting is a way out of poverty for a hardworking Burundian family. When an African knitter makes one shawl a week, it means food for a week for an entire family. 

Beautiful and climate-friendly

In our fluffy alpaca wool blend, we've made a fluffy shawl that you can match with the other Coffee Beanies items. You can choose whether you're more into matchy colors or if you think it's more fun to cross it with, for example, a pair of mittens in some of the other lovely colors and surprise yourself and your surroundings with a cool personal twist. 

Style your front or back lace shawl to suit your mood and look today. You're one of a kind and we'll do everything we can to make you ooze personality so that others dare to too.

The alpaca wool blend is exactly how we want it to be. Fluffy enough to snuggle up in on early mornings. For the first 4 years, we bought yarn for the knitters through Danish wholesalers. Gradually, we found that brushed wool in alpaca was exactly what we were looking for. Alpaca is the best wool source. It is gentle in its environment, drinks very little water and eats only the outer twigs over a large area. The wool is the most temperate wool of all. So it's perfect for our changeable weather. At the same time, it holds water up to 40% of its own weight without losing its ability to keep you warm. We added the 18% recycled polyamide to ensure that the shawl can withstand endless use and stay firm and beautiful. When we started building our own yarn a few years later, we were the first in Denmark to introduce brushed wool with recycled polyamide. 

The shawl is so beautiful in nice on-time colors that you don't need to buy a new winter coat for every new winter season.

We are a slowfashion brand: higher quality; timeless designs, smaller production and no machines.


Approx. measurements: Height=190 cm. and width: 52 cm. (May vary a bit - but the fit is not as crucial as if it were a hat, so we recommend that you write to us if you want the exact measurements of height and length in the color you want).

Washing instructions

We always recommend that you hand wash and tumble dry our products. The wool is basically self-cleaning, and you can hang it out dry in your bathroom in the steam after a shower. Wool is great for self-cleaning if the shawl just needs a refresh.




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Knitters are trained in many things

This gorgeous shawl is one of the latest additions to the knitters' repertoire. Knitters have a lot to learn, so they can become more skilled each year they knit with Coffee Beanies. We are impressed with how professional they are and how much they love learning new skills. Now they can also hand-dye the yarn, so the products exude even more designer look and are nice enough to arm with the biggies in the fashion world.

Imagine if all the clothes we bought were slowfashion. Made without machines and with green wool and even by people in the poorest countries in the world.

A hand-knitted shawl is self-help

For the shawl to be included in our range, it must meet certain requirements:

  • there are many "labour-hours" in the product which gives the woman a lot of work.
  • there is new learning, so the woman can become more skilled and start selling things for the home market herself.
  • it's a fairly easy recipe so we can invite more new women on board for a job.
  • will it disturb the balance at home unnecessarily or can she continue to look after her children and do field work in the mornings.

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