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These mittens are hand-knitted in our fluffy alpaca wool blend to match your favorite hat, headband or shawl. The alpaca wool blend is green because the 18% polyamide is recycled. Alpaca wool is more temperate than any other wool.

Coffee Beanies is a slowfashion brand which means we stand for: higher quality; timeless designs, smaller production and no machines.

Target: Approx. target: H=30 cm. and W=10 cm. in diameter.

Washing instructions: we always recommend hand washing and flat drying. But otherwise you can easily get it clean by letting it hang in the steam after a shower. The wool is super good at cleaning itself if the mitts just need a freshening up.


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Mitts are self-help

Coffee Beanies mitts are a way out of poverty for a hard-working Burundian family. In fact, when an African knitter makes one beanie a week, she doubles the family's income. The fastest knitter can make two hats a day, the equivalent of two pairs of mitts.

For a style to be included in our range, it must meet certain requirements:

  • there are many "labour-hours" in the product which gives the woman a lot of work.
  • there is new learning, so the woman can become more skilled and start selling things for the home market herself.
  • it's a fairly easy recipe so we can quickly invite new women on board for a job.
  • will it disturb the balance at home unnecessarily or can she continue looking after her children and also still do field work

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