Lion beanie

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Lion beanie 

The beanie - a way out of poverty. Every time you buy from us, you ensure the survival of a hardworking Burundian family trying to make a living as coffee farmers. But it takes our help when we're talking about the poorest country in the world. 

When a knitter makes a hat a week, she doubles the family's income. Many of the women make four or more.

Slowfashion makes you more beautiful

Pure merino wool. We've chosen our thickest grade of merino wool for the softest, fullest feel. Merino wool tempers fantastically. So the hat can actually be used indoors too.

We are a slowfashion brand: higher quality; timeless designs, smaller production and no machines.

Approx. measurements: Height= 30 cm. before the foldup and 20 cm. after the foldup. Width=18 cm. in diameter down at the forehead. Very flexible.

Washing instructions: we always recommend that you hand wash and flat dry your Coffee Beanies products.

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Lion beanie is self-help

A Lion beanie style meets specific requirements:

  • there are many "labour-hours" in the product which gives the woman a lot of work.
  • there is new learning, so the woman can become more skilled and start selling things for the home market herself.
  • it's a fairly easy recipe so we can quickly invite new women on board for a job.
  • will it disturb the balance at home unnecessarily or can she continue to look after her children and do field work in the mornings.

The Lion Beanie is made from some of the leftover yarn that we have given to women in previous seasons. It is therefore a limited edition style. When we no longer have them in stock in Denmark, there will be no more.

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